Top 5 Things You Won’t Believe Dermal Fillers Can Do For Your Body

Our skin, muscle, bone, and fat are the four major structural components of our face. As we proceed to age, we experience volume loss in all of these structures, which lead to several signs of aging becoming visible on our body, primarily the face.

This is where dermal fillers come to help.

As time goes on we suffer age-related bone loss in the face,Guest Posting which further leads to the retraction of the jawline, and descent of the nose, along with a gradual suppression of the cheekbones. The facial muscles would also decrease immensely when it comes to volume and elasticity, we would witness a deflation of facial fat that gives us our youthful look. The skin starts to lose elasticity and stretches, and then you have a loss of plumpness provided by the far which leads to the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin. This is where dermal filler comes in to help.

These are injectable treatments that are performed in the doctor’s office, which can help smooth out the lines and add in lost volume helping restore a more youthful appearance.

What are dermal fillers?

These are soft gel-like substances injected into our skin. They tend to cater to several frequently occurring concerns that include smoothening of deep dark circles under the eyes, adding volume to the lips, lifting cheekbones, smoothing lip lines, and nasolabial folds (these are the creases that run from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth). They also play a role in the rejuvenation of the hands. Dermal fillers are usually composed of various elements some of which occur normally, and some are produced synthetically. Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly found component within dermal fillers.

It is a substance that is naturally found within our skin, and it plays an important role in hydrating our skin and giving it volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers, depending on their specific chemical development tend to last somewhere between six to twelve months before they get gradually absorbed into the body.

The reason why hyaluronic acid fillers are so famous is not only because of their natural appearance but they can also be dissolved in case you do not like the results of the treatment.

Nasolabial Folds

Generally known as laughter or smile lines, these are the two skin folds that go from each side of the nose to the different corners of your mouth. Dermal fillers are excellent at helping in filling out these folds and giving you the appearance of younger-looking skin.


You tend to lose a good amount of subcutaneous fat as you age which tends to result in your cheeks looking hollow and losing elasticity in your face. This in turn will highlight the shallow cheekbones, and also make them look sunken. This will give off a tired and gaunt look. You can get dermal filler injected into this area so that you can plump them up and add a gentle lift.


This is not only a favorite amongst the average population but a celeb favorite too. More and more people have been getting dermal filler for lip injections to enjoy the look of fuller and more seductive-looking lips. This treatment is great for those with thin lips, but it can also help with several types of lip conditions.

Chin implants

This is perfect when you don’t want to get any chin implants surgically added. This is a non-surgical chin augmentation that can easily be achieved through dermal fillers. They will help in defining your jawline, although you might have to visit the doctor’s office after a while, they are an excellent way to experiment with chin augmentation before you them permanently done.


If you are not a fan of nose surgeries, then dermal fillers are a great option. Also if you wish to experiment a little before getting the permanent thing done, then you can use dermal fillers to help straighten out any lumps or bumps on the nose without going under the knife. The best part about fillers is that you need minimal downtime and the results show up quicker. It will just take 15 minutes for the procedure and you can enjoy your brand new nose!

However, we highly suggest that you first get a consultation from your doctor before proceeding.

This is because we are always in danger of going overboard with the dermal fillers and though there is a solution that will help you terminate the filler, why waste money?

Make sure that you do your research well when picking out the right doctor for yourself. This is extremely important because the right doctor with adequate training will be able to give you the best advice when it comes to the right dermal fillers, and the amount to be used.

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